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Use Cases

MILLIFOAM® core solution for next generation eVTOL drones

Introduction The electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) drone is the next generation of autonomous electric aircrafts that offers new state-of-the-art solutions for commercial and humanitarian air mobility applications (see Fig. 1). Therefore, the demand for light, strong and resilient composite structures to achieve maximum payload capacity and range increases significantly. With MILLIFOAM® thin hard […]

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MILLIFOAM® Spacer – precise foam sheets for high performance antennas

Introduction High performance antennas for many different applications like 5G millimeter Wave antennas (Figure 1), phased array antennas for satellite terminals or antennas for land mobile satellite applications, require pr cise internal structures to get the most out of the signals received and transmitted. An important component for achieving the required performance is the use […]

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MILLIFOAM® and CIMERA® cutouts tailored to your application

Introduction New lightweight application developments require the materials to be designed to specific and often complex geometries. Therefore, the demand for tailored and ready-to-use material solution has increased significantly over recent years. In order to meet customer’s specific requirements, modern cutting systems are used to produce geometrical shapes within in a reasonable time and with […]

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